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Mike Arthur - Certified Salesforce Admin and Dev, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mike Arthur is a freelance Salesforce Administrator and Developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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By Mike Arthur 16 Aug, 2017
No content of my own here, just a pointer to someone who really knows what he's talking about, Peter_sfdc, the mighty Peter Chittum, check out his reply here:

(Of course, if you don't have a good reason to use Apex, you can always go with Flow, as explained by the equally mighty Mike Gill: )
By Mike Arthur 14 Aug, 2017
Thanks to Keith Clarke for the code posted here:

I used that and adapted it and it worked a treat :-)
By Mike Arthur 20 Jun, 2017
If you see this error when trying to save a Flow, there doesn't appear to be any further information available.  But there is!

Click 'OK' and, in Windows, press ctrl-shift-M, or Mac command-shift-m.  You will then see diagnostic information.  Click each box until you see something useful.

In my case, the Flow had been deployed from another org but the field level security on one of the referenced fields did not allow access.
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